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Words of Gratitude
My clients are my motivation. Hear about their experience.

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Corinne S.

"My experience in Breathwork Practitioner Training has been amazing, so nurturing and confidence building. Jamie holds a very special and sacred space to learn and grow. Her encouragement and guidance has allowed me to delve in deep with the work and feel ready to facilitate a session with confidence and excitement. Would highly recommend anyone who is interested in beginning this journey to start, it is a priceless gift to yourself and all those you hold space for.

Safe space held online is something that’s not easy to do but Jamie has it so naturally and that is a gift. Encouragement and belief, these have been a theme I have felt since the beginning. Ready to make a difference in the world."


"I had completed breathwork with Jamie many times and eventually had the calling to be a facilitator, so when I found out Jamie was training new facilitators I couldn’t say no. The whole process was very enjoyable and I learnt so much throughout the course practically and mentally .


It has been around 6 weeks since I’ve become a facilitator and I am hosting sessions every week and I am in love with the beautiful tool."

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Sarah D.

"Breathwork Practitioner Training with Jamie was the best thing I ever did. It gave me such an understanding of the way our body traps trauma and how breathwork can be a tool to empower us. Jamie was such an amazing teacher. She went through everything in such detail and gave us the confidence in becoming the best facilitator possible. I couldn’t imagine a better instructor! Her energy and reassurance lead us to where we are today, as facilitators ourselves.

Favorite part was practicing breathwork on each other and learning that everyone’s experience is so unique. We got to practice loads especially with the final exam and gave me the confidence for carrying this outside Bali."

Sarah M.

"Jamie's love and passion for Breathwork makes the entire experience of practitioner training so enjoyable. She's created a course that is so informative, collaborative and encouraging. You are also introduced to a trauma course which ensures you have all the tools and knowledge to be a skilled facilitator. 

I honestly couldn't recommend Jamie more. I felt so supported and empowered through the entire course. I really am so grateful to say I've learned from the best."

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Joel R.

"I have done several different styles of breathwork over the last few years in different settings and both breathwork sessions I have done with Jamie recently felt easy to follow and maintain through the whole session. I really enjoy the style of breathwork and the way Jamie guides. My last breathwork session being one of the most profound experiences I’ve had to date.

I would highly recommend Jamie for breathwork for a first timer or someone who has done loads of breathwork. Amazing experience. Thanks Jamie 😁"

Katie H.

"The Breathwork Practitioner Training was absolutely incredible. The whole course is beautifully put together to give you the confidence to learn and feel safe and supported. I'm so excited to put into practice the new skills I have learnt and to start helping others with the power of breath.


The course has given me life changing excitement. I feel like I'm now at the bottom of a mountain and I'm going to have the most incredible climb to the top!"

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Sarah B.

"I have now experienced several breathwork sessions with Jamie and each one was unique & profound. She beautifully guides you into the breath through simple direction and her meditative tone of voice and takes you beyond the limitations of the mind into another realm!! I had clear insights, different emotions came up & I was left feeling very joyful and expansive. 

Even as I write this I am thinking to myself..  I need to do another session soon! 

So grateful for your magic, Jamie! Highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to optimise their human experience!!"


Caroline B.

"I started working out with Jamie when she was training at Equinox gym. She not only took the time to understand what I was looking for in terms of physical training but also where I was mentally. I was impressed that she wanted to know more about what type of job I had and what were the stressors in my life because what she offers is more than just your typical workout. 


Jamie has a unique ability to push you to the next level while making her workout sessions fun. Her positive energy and infectious personality help motivate me through each session and have given me a level of confidence I never thought I was capable of. Jamie has truly made a remarkable impact on my life and I look forward to continuing on my journey with her."

Christie F.

Beautiful, emotional, interesting, intense. I found the course intense as it was a lot to learn, but I also loved this. It was 'to the point' and jumping straight out of the comfort zone and into practice which was great!


I absolutely loved the experience. It was perfect because we were able to walk through the entire journey and learn a lot of knowledge, and also get the hands on experience to feel comfortable and more confident. The ceremony we held at the end was super special and I loved the embodiment practices that Jamie shared with us, too."

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